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FPGA Design Engineer

We are looking for a highly skilled and experienced FPGA Design Engineer to join Istra’s hardware group. The role undertakes end-to-end responsibility in system, architecture, design, implementation and testing of various hardware systems (FPGA based). The individual should have strong analytical and design capabilities as well as hands-on experience in all aspects of hardware and FPGA development.

In this role, you will:

  • Design and implement complex FPGA-based systems for ultra low latency applications

  • Characterize system requirements and specs including SW-HW API

  • Debug production issues using systematic approach to narrow down problems to specific HW / SW domain

  • Characterize and implement HW debug and development infrastructures

  • Research optimal P&R strategies and implementation approaches to minimize latency without compromising on utilization and timing closure

What you’ll need to succeed:

  • BSc/MSc in Electrical Engineering from a well known academic institute (Cum Laude). 

  • At least 5 years experience in FPGA/VLSI development. 

  • Proficient in HDL (Verilog / System Verilog / VHDL) language. 

  • Familiar with all stages in FPGA build flow, including architecture, design, simulations, synthesis, place and route and timing closure. 

  • Experience in hardware timing closure optimizations. 

  • Lab debugging and troubleshooting skills. 

  • Experience in FPGA development for Xilinx devices - advantage

  • Software skills in C/C++ - advantage. 

  • Scripting skills in Python / R / Tcl - advantage.

  • Self sufficient with a can-do attitude. 

  • Team player with excellent communication skills.

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